Excel Pharma TNT 250

Each 1ml contains:

Testosterone Enanthate 100mg

Nandrolone Decanote 100mg

Trenbolone Enanthate 50mg

Contains 3 blends in the ultimate steroid stack. A must have and cost effective all in one!

Benefit of each steroid blend are broken down below.


  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Enhanced Protein Synthesis – Breaks down protein faster
  • Enhanced Nitrogen Retention
  • Increased Red Blood Cell Count
  • Increased IGF-1 Output – Muscle buidling hormone produced by the liver:
  • Inhibition of Glucocorticoids- Prevents Muscle Wasting Hormone

Nandrolone Decanote

  • Long acting, approx 14-16 day’s half-life
  • Raises IGF-1 levels which leads to increased lean muscle mass
  • Lubricates Joints even at a low dose, which prevents injuries when lifting heavy.
  • Increases Bone Density
  • Increases Red Blood Cell Count
  • Does not cause Hairloss
  • Increases Nitrogren Retention
  • Considered a Bulking agent, When stacked with Testosterone
  • Enhanced Protein Synthesis – Breaks down protein faster
  • Increased Pumps and Strength

Trenbolone Enanthate

  • Long acting, approx 14 – 21 days half-life
  • To be Injected twice or once a week
  • 10 times more anabolic than Testosterone – Extremely Anabolic
  • Promotes incredible strength, fat loss and muscle mass, the only steroid which is truely remarkable.
  • Hardening and vascularity agent
  • Can be used in either Bulking or Leaning phase of cycle.
  • Does not convert into estrogen


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